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CHORA is an Helsinki-based leather products brand. Established by a small group of creatives, CHORA draws inspiration from its native city, as well as from neighbouring cultures. 
As CHORA, we design and create high-quality genuine leather bags, purses, shoes, and accessories.
Produced by true artisans with decades of experience, we strive to merge craftsmanship with a refined style. With CHORA, we aim to provide not only quality clothing items and accessories, but also a continuous sensory experience; appealing to the sense of touch and smell.
CHORA was established during especially challenging times for Finland and the whole world, politically and economically. We are aware that our products would not be of the same quality without the intense labour of every leather worker involved. We pay utmost attention to the ethical compensation of everyone of our business associates, and at every level. We also ensure that the materials that go into forming our products have the necessary certifications.



Tmi Chora Studio
Lönnrotinkatu 42 F 86 Helsinki 00180